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Save 50-90% off retail on everything you need to raise a child from newborn - teen! Consignors & Volunteers shop FIRST!


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We gladly accept credit/debit cards or cash. We can't wait to see you at the sale!


Wednesday, September 25th
Consignor Drop Off ~ 1:00pm-8:30pm

Thursday, September 26th
Consignor Drop Off ~ 8:30-11 - by appointment only


Team Leaders ~ 12pm-7pm
12+ Hour Team Members ~ 1pm-7pm
8+ Hour Team Members ~ 2pm-7pm
4+ Hour Team Members ~ 3pm - 7pm
Consignors & Primetime Ticket Holders ~ 4pm - 7pm
Registered First Time Parents & Teachers ~ 5pm-7pm
Family Shopping Time ~ 6pm-7pm

Friday, September 27th
Open to public ~9am-7pm, $2 per adult admission
2nd Consignor Drop Off ~ 7pm-8pm

Saturday, September 28th
Open to public ~ 9am-4pm, Free Admission
New merchandise!
8+ Hour Team Member 50% off presale ~ 4:30pm-5:30pm

Sunday, September 29th
Open to public ~ 9am-3pm, Free Admssion
Half Price Day! Any tag without a star is 50% off!
Consignor Pickup ~ 7pm-8pm


RP Funding Center - Sikes Hall
701 W Lime Street, Lakeland, FL 33815

Parking is FREE!
Park in Gate 6 in the red or orange lots pictured - if there is a parking attendant present, just let them know you are there for JBF. We have pre-paid your parking!


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Cindy D

May 12, 2019

Heather is very organized and goes out of her way to help consigners. I have health issues and she always makes sure that I am doing ok while I work. All of the people that I have met at JBF Lakeland are friendly and helpful. I always look forward to the next sale!

Jill H

May 08, 2019

I like the fact that i can drop it off and not worry about selling.

Kristen L

May 02, 2019

I like being able to price my own items for what I think they are worth and I love the ability to get rid of toys and clothing twice a year.

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Turn your kids' clutter into cash with JBF! It's fun & easy!


Heather Lineberger

Call or Text: 863-248-6701

JBF Motto

To Glorify God by bringing communities and families together in a welcoming, friendly venue that allows them to care for their children and be good stewards of what they have been given.

We do not take for granted the good that comes from each sales event or the trust our families place in our commitment to hold safe, family-supportive event, season after season. We are dedicated to our communities because we are a part of these communities. We are moms, dads, aunts, uncles and grandparents who are invested in making our small parts of the world a better place. We are bargain lovers, of course, but beyond that, we believe in being good stewards of our resources--taking care of each other and reaching out a hand to those who need it (as we all do at one time or another).