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Exclusive presales!

Our presales are limited admission, private events open to team members, consignors, and special guests.

Shopping the presale allows shoppers early access to the best selection & biggest deals!


How to shop the JBF presale:

1. Become a Team Member! Team Members shop the presale free admission & FIRST and have virtually no crowds or checkout lines! You don't have to be a consignor to help!

2. Consign! Consignors shop our Primetime Presale, free - with guaranteed admission! Consignors can also bring ONE guest to the presale.

3. Purchase a ticket to our Primetime Presale - tickets are limited! $15 online or $20 at the door, if available. 

4. Register as a First Time Parent or Teacher Please read all guidelines and qualifications on the ticketing website. You MUST be registered and have a ticket.
First Time Parents

Presale Schedule

Thursday, September 26th

Team Leaders ~ 12pm - 7pm
12+ Team Members ~ 1pm-7pm
8+ Team Members ~ 2pm-7pm
4+ Team Members ~ 3pm - 7pm
Consignors & Primetime Ticket Holders ~ 4pm-7pm
Registered First Time Parents & Teachers ~ 5pm-6pm
Family Shopping Time ~ 6pm-7pm

Saturday, September 28th - Half Price Presale

8+ Hour Team Members only ~ 4:30pm-5:30pm


Presale Guidelines

Our presales are private sales closed to the public. You must be a registered consignor who checked in at consignor drop off, a team member, a registered first time parent or teacher, or purchase a ticket to our Prime Time Presale to attend.


If you are attending the presale please read these important guidelines.

  • There are NO children or strollers allowed at our presales (except during family shopping time and during the 50% off presale). This is for the enjoyment of our presale shoppers as well as the safety of all the little ones. During the presale our inventory is at it's highest and it can be easy for children to get lost. Our presale shoppers have typically worked very hard helping at the sale and consigning and we want to provide a nice, relaxed shopping experience for all their hard work. *Infants (less than 12 months) in a carrier/sling are welcome during the presale. No strollers containing children please.
  • Each shopper has to have their own presale pass (no "guests") - EXCEPT consignors may bring one guest & during the first time parent presale each registered parent can bring one guest.
  • First time parents, teachers and Prime Time shoppers will receive your pass/ticket once you are registered. You can show your ticket/pass at the door on your mobile device or you can print it if you prefer. Consignors & Team Members will have their name already on our guest list at the door.

Team Member Information

First, we want to send a huge Thank You to all our team members. We couldn't do it without our community and your help! Helping at JBF is fun and it's a great way to meet some new friends & connect with your community. Our helpers assist with things such as setup and breakdown, inspection, security, greeting, helping at checkout and customer service. There is no special experience required and we will help you with instruction! We love help from moms & dads, grandparents, hardworking teens and anyone else looking to help out and have fun!


Wear comfortable shoes and clothing. Shorts/pants and a t-shirt are perfectly ok! We provide a JBF apron for you to wear during your shift. You may want a light jacket as it can get chilly sometimes!

We will have some small snacks and drinks available, but recommend if you have special food requirements that you bring a few things along with you and if you are staying for more than one shift, please plan for lunch.

Please do not bring any children with you during your your scheduled time to help. We need your full attention during your shift and team members who bring children will be asked to choose another shift when they can come back without their children. We are unable to make any exceptions. We do have sit-down jobs, if you are pregnant or unable to stand for long periods of time.

PLEASE check your schedule well before you commit! Team Members that don't show up after filling the available spot, leave us in a huge bind as each shift is very important. If you sign up for a shift but find later you are unable to help your scheduled hours, please try to find a replacement (remember, we love moms & DADS, grandparents and hardworking teens - and they earn you the same volunteer/consignor benefits!) If you cannot, then remove the shift from your schedule immediately so we can try to fill the shift. If you remove or change a shift 7 days or less before the consignor drop off date, please email heatherlineberger@jbfsale.com, ASAP. 

*Every team member shift is important and we rely on each person to fulfill their commitment in order to run a successful event that is enjoyable for everyone. To be fair to all team members, if you do not complete your chosen shifts you will not be allowed to attend any future presales until those hours are made up first. 

Power Consignors. If you consign more than 500 items during one event, and you are not donating your unsold items, you are required to help during the sorting breakdown shift. If you are not able to attend, there will be a $50 breakdown fee deducted from your final consignor check amount. This shift does NOT count towards team member credit for presale or higher (70%) payout. You can select any other shift in order to achieve those benefts. You do NOT need to sign up for the breakdown shift on the team member schedule.



Heather Lineberger

Call or Text: 863-248-6701

JBF Motto

To Glorify God by bringing communities and families together in a welcoming, friendly venue that allows them to care for their children and be good stewards of what they have been given.

We do not take for granted the good that comes from each sales event or the trust our families place in our commitment to hold safe, family-supportive event, season after season. We are dedicated to our communities because we are a part of these communities. We are moms, dads, aunts, uncles and grandparents who are invested in making our small parts of the world a better place. We are bargain lovers, of course, but beyond that, we believe in being good stewards of our resources--taking care of each other and reaching out a hand to those who need it (as we all do at one time or another).