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Sign up and create your free consignor account. You can register to sell your items and also register to help out at the sale to make even more!



Collect, Prep, and Tag

Gather your items together, clean them and create your price tags using our free online tagging system. We've got helpful videos too! Scroll down for all the details!


Drop Off!

Bring your items during the date and time shown below. If you want to donate anything that doesn't sell, then you are done! If you would rather pick up your unsold items, see the times below for that, too.

...and your clutter turns into cash!



JBF Lakeland Consignors earn on average over $300 at each sale!


No more hassling with buy/trade groups or online selling!

Make more money than a garage sale or thrift store!

Get it all sold in one weekend!


  • Consignors earn 60% less $20 consignor fee per sale event ($15 if prepaid on Eventbrite)
  • Checks are emailed no more than 2 weeks after the sale

Consignors who are able to help during the sale for at least 4 hours earn 70%!

  • The consignor fee is waived for consignors who help for at least 8 hours
  • Too busy to tag? Try our Valet Service (scroll down for info below!)

So what are you waiting for? Download our Consignor Guide to get started and Register NOW to consign!

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Get Involved

Sign in or create an account to view the availabe shifts and sign up to help today. Once you have signed up for the LAKELAND event, click the Team Member box in your profile and the available shifts will appear. Simply click Select for any shifts you would like.

Be a part of your Community and make YOUR JBF event great!
Join other smart & savvy helpers who help cover shifts in exchange for early shopping privileges and higher payouts on their sales. You don't have to be a consignor to help as a team member!

Team Member Perks:
4-Hour Team Members

  • earn 70% on sold items
  • shop EARLY on Thursday's Presale at 3pm

8-Hour Team Members

  • earn 70% on sold items
  • Consignor Fee is waived
  • shop EARLIER on Thursday's Presale at 2pm
  • shop the 50% off presale on Saturday night

12-Hour Team Members

  • earn 70% on sold items
  • Consignor Fee is waived
  • shop EARLIEST on Thursday's Presale at 1pm
  • shop the 50% off presale on Saturday night


****All power consignors (bringing 500 or more items) that are not donating all their items, are REQUIRED to help during the Breakdown shift or pay a $50 breakdown fee, deducted from your consignor check. Please see below under Power Consignors for more details.



Wednesday, March 4 ~ 1pm - 8:30pm
Sikes Loading Dock

  1. You may drop off your items at any time during this drop off day.
  2. Bring one tagged item with you into the building and head to the consignor check in table. We will officially check you in and help you with any questions and instructions for inspection of items.
  3. If selling a carseat or crib, bring your signed Car Seat Checklist and/or Crib Waiver.
  4. You may use any rolling clothing racks, utility carts or other available equipment to help bring your items into the sale and put them out on the sales floor. ROLLING RACKS ARE NOT ALLOWED OUTSIDE THE BUILDING. You may bring your clothes into the building and then use the racks. Feel free to bring your own racks if you have them - but you must have them tagged by us at consignor check-in and will not be allowed out if not tagged.
  • Children are allowed at drop off, however we urge parents to explore other options first. Drop off is a very busy time and children cannot touch any merchandise. CHILDREN MUST BE SUPERVISED AT ALL TIMES.
  • Depending on how many items you are bringing, drop off can take 15 minutes to over 1 hour. Separating and sorting your clothing items by gender and size will greatly reduce the time necessary to hang your items.


Thursday, March 5 ~ 8:30am - 11am
Sikes Loading Dock
*by appointment only - please email heatherlineberger@jbfsale.com


Friday, March 6 ~ 7pm-8pm
Sikes Loading Dock
*2nd Drop off for large items - no clothes or shoes



Just Between Friends of Lakeland Consignors, if you do not have the time or energy to put your items out on the sales floor then EXPRESS DROP OFF is just for you!

Cost: $25 for the first 100 items. $10 for each additional 100 items up to 300 items. (Item counts will be checked against the number of items in the tagging site.)

Dates & Times: You can drop off your items on Wednesday, April 4 anytime between 9:00am - 7:00pm. Please come inside to the Consignor Check In table to check in, and present your Express Drop Off ticket printed or on your phone.

Click here for more details or to purchase a ticket


Sunday, March 8 ~ 7pm-8pm
Sikes Loading Dock

See any JBF Team Member wearing a black apron and they will direct you to your unsold items. You will need to know your consignor number, so please write it down or put a reminder in your phone!

We will help you locate all your unsold items (they will be pre-sorted by consignor number) but we are not responsible for missed, lost, or forgotten items. Please also check the lost and found table as well as the stained/pulled items.

Check out at the register area before you leave.

If you are unable to pick up your unsold items please make arrangements with someone to pick them up for you. Items not picked up will be donated to our charity partner.


Please consider donating all or some of your unsold items to our charity partner, TLC Association - a local non profit foster parent associaton. All your donations are tax deductible and greatly appriciated by our local foster families!




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Bags & Baby Carriers

Diaper bags, infant carriers, backpacks, and purses are great consignment items. Please inspect all items carefully to make sure items have not been recalled, stained, damaged or are missing pieces. We do not accept "knock-offs" or "fake" items.

Package: Please zip-tie items to an adult-size hanger or place items in the basket under the hanging bags.

Price: Price 50% - 75% off retail. Items in great condition tend to sell very well.

Tag: Hole-punch JBF tag and attach it to item with ribbon, string or zip-ties. If item contains multiple pieces, be sure all pieces are included and list number of items on JBF tag description.

Video Tutorials

Bedding, Blankets & Textiles

Bedding sizes accepted are bassinet through full/queen only and must be for children. Please be selective when selling bedding, blankets, receiving blankets, burp cloths, and towels. New and barely used items sell best. Check carefully for stains; shoppers get very disappointed if they find a stain in a bundled blanket once they get home.

Package: Put bedding/crib/bedroom sets together in original packaging or in giant clear plastic bags. Arrange bedding sets inside bag so that shoppers can see all of the items as well as the design/pattern. Secure the bag so that items do not get separated. Bundle blankets, cloths, and towels with ribbon or string, safety pins or in bags, like a package (be sure multiple pieces cannot be separated).

Price: Price to sell! Shoppers are less likely to purchase these items used, so prices have to be low. Try to price 75% - 90% off retail.

Tag: If bedding is in a plastic bag, attach tag securely with packaging tape to the inside of the bag and tape the bag shut. If bedding/blankets are bundled with string, attach tag directly to blanket with a safety pin and tuck it under the ribbon/string so that it does not easily get pulled off when shifting around during the sale.

Video Tutorials

Books, Games, DVDs, Arts & Crafts

Books, movies, board games, puzzles, video games, video game systems, scrapbook, arts & crafts sets are great items for resale. Please only bring kids’, parenting, homeschooling, pregnancy and child rearing books. Games and puzzles must have all pieces. (No "adult" content please, children's movies only.) Check items to ensure they are in great condition.

Package: Use clear, self-seal bags or clear cling wrap (saran wrap) to hold multiple items together; Tie sets of books together with ribbon/string. Be sure that parts/games to video game systems cannot be separated or switched out at the sale.

Price: Prices can range from $.50 to $50 in this category, depending on the item. Price to sell especially for books & DVDs as there are always lots to choose from at the sale.

Tag: When tagging books, please attach your tag to the book with clear tape that can be removed without damaging the item. Tape tag to the outside cover of glossy books and to the inside cover of books that will easily tear when removing the tag. Please do not use masking or double sided tape. Hole-punch JBF tag and tie to sets.

Video Tutorials


We sell children's clothing Newborn through size 20 (limit 10 girl's junior size items, Abercrombie, Hollister, Roxy, American Eagle, Nike, Volcom, Burton preferred) as well as maternity sizes (limit 20 maternity clothing items per consignor). Our Spring Sale warm weather clothing only (no heavy coats, winter clothing, holiday items, etc). Be picky. Look at your clothing items as if you were going to purchase them. No stained or damaged items will be accepted. We do NOT accept women's clothing except for maternity. Please freshly clean your clothing items. Replace missing buttons, sew loose hems and seams, and clip loose threads. Please button all buttons, snap all snaps, zip all zippers before you arrive at drop off. This will ensure that there are no defects in the clothing. The newer the item looks (and the better it smells), the better it will sell. We do not accept items that smell of smoke or pets.

Package & Hang: Hangers - Please hang clothes so the hanger hook points to the left (like a question mark). Hang size 0-6 clothing on child-size hangers and sizes 7-20 and maternity clothing on adult-size hangers. Clothing that falls off the hanger onto the floor does not sell well.You can place a safety pin through the shoulder of the garment to better secure it to the hanger. Old Navy and many outlet stores are great places to get free hangers (they throw away hangers daily!) and WalMart & Target sell child-size plastic tube hangers at a great price. JBF Lakeland also sells children's wire hangers. Email heatherlineberger@jbfsale.com.

Clothing Sets - Sets tend to sell better (under size 6) so match things up if you can. Safety pin or use a tagging gun to attach clothing sets securely with bottom garment hung on the backside of the shirt, so both pieces can be viewed without separating them.

Pants/Shorts - Pant-clip hangers are great but if you use a standard hanger, simply use a safety pin to attach pants to the top part of the hanger so the garment will not slide. Onesies, socks, tights, hats and infant mittens can be placed in a clear zip-lock bag (you may group multiple items in one bag). Please be sure to label your tag well so that customers know if the items are short-sleeve onesies or long-sleeve onesies, etc.

Price: Hanging Clothing - Put outfits/set together to price for at least $3.00; Start at $3 for basic, generic brand 0-24mo outfit. Add $1 each for larger size, name brand, formal, and heavy/winter. Non-hanging Clothing - Put sets together to price for at least $3.00, but okay to price for less (i.e., 6 pair of socks for $1.50).

Tag: Clothing on Hangers - Attach tag with a tagging gun or safety pin to the label of shirt or upper right front. Insert the gun in a label or inside seam NOT through part of the clothing (to avoid making a hole or tear in the clothing). Also, pull on the tag to make sure it is properly secured and will not come off easily. Please make sure consignor tags are pulled out of the clothing so they are easily visible to the customers. Non-Hanging Clothing - Please use tagging gun or safety pins to attach tags to onesies, socks, tights, infant mittens, and accessories. Be sure to also attach multiple pieces together. Then put these items into clear zip-lock bags.

Video Tutorials

Furniture & Equipment

Exersaucers, swings, high chairs, changing tables, cribs (Manufactured AFTER June 28, 2011; please bring Crib Waiver for all cribs), strollers, bath seats, baby walkers, car seats (must bring car seat waiver) & car seat accessories must be checked for safety recalls, must have all parts, and be in good condition. Children's furniture - beds (toddler, twin), desks, side tables, dressers, etc.

Package: If item has multiple pieces use packaging tape, zip-ties, or string to keep items attached together. If wooden furniture has loose parts, use clear plastic wrap to secure item. All furniture and equipment must be assembled. Batteries must be included, if applicable. Please bring a Car Seat Checklist for all car seats, booster seats, and car seat base or infant carrier.

Price: Price 50% - 75% off retail. Items in great condition tend to sell very well.

Tag: Attach JBF tag directly to item with clear packaging tape or hole-punch JBF tag and tie it to item.

Video Tutorials

Infant Items

Nursing covers & pillows, feeding items, monitors, safety items, diapering & toileting items, rattles, and more. Please check for safety recalls (link) on all items that you consign.

Package: If item has multiple pieces use packaging tape, tagging gun, safety pins or clear self-seal bags to keep items attached together and clearly visible to shoppers. Batteries must be included, if applicable.

Price: Price 50% - 75% off retail. Items in great condition tend to sell very well.

Tag: Attach JBF tag directly to item or clear self-seal bag with clear packaging tape or hole-punch JBF tag and tie it to item.

Video Tutorials


Make sure that shoes are clean, clean, clean! We will be VERY selective with shoes.

Package: Fasten shoes together with zip ties. For infant shoes or small shoes without laces, you may put the shoes in a clear zip-lock bag. We prefer no shoe boxes. However, if shoes are in the box, please remove the lid, secure it to the bottom of the box, and secure the shoes to the box (closed boxes do not sell).

Price: Shoes must be in excellent condition and should start at $3.00 for infant/toddler; Add $1 each for larger size, name brand, or heavy/winter.

Tag: Punch a hole in the top of your tag and attach the tag to the shoes with the ribbon, string, or zip tie. For infant shoes in a clear zip-lock bag, put the tag inside the bag and tape the bag shut with clear packing tape.

Video Tutorials


Ride-on toys, block sets, dolls, remote control cars, outdoor toys, learning toys, and more. All toys must be checked for safety recalls (link) before consigning. Clean all toys and baby equipment thoroughly. Please test to make sure that toys and equipment are working properly. Battery operated toys must include working batteries (these can be purchased inexpensively at local discount/dollar stores).

Package: Keeping tags and multiple items attached is essential for your items to sell. Bag all small parts belonging to toys/equipment in self-seal bags and tape the bag shut with clear packing tape. Fasten the bag securely to the item with ribbon, tape, or zip ties. Items must include ALL working parts.

Price: Price 50% - 90% off retail.

Tag: Attach JBF tag directly to item with clear packaging tape or hole-punch JBF tag and tie it to item

Video Tutorials


Valet Consigning - Let us tag for you!

Valet:Are you a busy mom who would like to consign but just don't have the time? We have the answer for you! We will have a trusted Valet Tagger prep, price & tag your items. They will also take care of bringing your items to the sale. You then make 40% of your sales minus a $25 consignor fee, taken from your sales check.

Please keep in mind that Valet Tagging is reserved for high quality, brand-name items. No store brand clothing, please. Items must come from a smoke & pet free home. Email heatherlineberger@jbfsale.com for more information today. Spots are limited!


Quality Matters!

We inspect every item that comes into our event and remove any items that do not meet JBF's strict quality guidelines. If you have had more than 3 items removed from our previous sale for quality or recalls, you will be required to go through an inspection process during drop off before we can sell your items.

All items at JBF are required to be checked for recalls, be in clean working condition (with batteries) and have no missing parts. Clothing may not have any rips, stains, pulls, or be overly worn - when in doubt, toss it out. Shoes should be in excellent, like new condition.


Power Consignors

Do you make a living consigning or reselling? Bringing more than 500 items to one event? If so, you are a JBF Power Consignor! We love our Power Consignors and helping them sell their items all in one place, in one weekend!

Due to the special considerations and accommodations that power sellers require, we REQUIRE all consignors bringing more than 500 items (determined by # tags in your account at drop off) and are not donating all unsold items, must help during the sorting/breakdown shift or pay a $50 sort and pickup fee (deducted from your consignor check). This shift does not count toward team member perks such as presale passes or a higher consignor payout. To receive these benefits, you must sign up for at least one additional shift. If you have any questions, please email heatherlineberger@jbfsale.com.



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Heather Lineberger

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Everyone has the right to feel good about providing well for their families—that’s why we created Just Between Friends. We have helped over 1 million families—just like yours—afford the brands and styles they want, all while saving hundreds of thousands of dollars across North America. At your local sales event, you’ll find all the brands and equipment you need at prices that fit your budget—so you can raise confident, stylish, good-looking kids!

We understand: Everyone wants the BEST for their kids, but we don’t want to break the family budget! That’s where Just Between Friends comes in. At a Just Between Friends event, you can:

SHOP rows and rows of baby and children’s shoes, toys, clothing, maternity, and baby equipment at 50 to 90% off retail
SELL your items as a consignor and earn from 60 to 70% on your item sales
HELP OUT at the sale and make new friends—plus you get a lot of OTHER perks too!

And it’s not just about saving money and making money. It’s about building community—a group of involved, caring friends, families, and neighbors that come together to support one another for these twice-a-year, safe, clean, organized sales events.