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Giving Back

One of the things that makes JBF different is that you get the chance to make a difference in the lives of people right in our community! Its a circle of giving that equals cleaner closets, more money in your pocket and recycling at it's core!

When you buy and sell your items with JBF, you are supporting local families rather than a huge corporation. Our consignors help families to better provide for their children with affordable, quality items. When you shop with JBF, almost all the money stays in our community with at least 60% going directly into the hands of local families. It's a win-win for everyone involved!



Our consignors can choose to donate their unsold items to our charity partner, TLC Association, a local, non profit, foster parent association. They receive thousands upon thousands of donations during each Lakeland event that supply their warehouse full of all the items a foster parent may need. We are thrilled our event and our gracious consignors are able to provide for many of our local foster families.

Charity Partner Highlights

TLC Association

is a local Foster Parent Association that helps provide for foster families with the items they so desperately need. All our donations go straight into the home of a foster family that needs it and are not resold.

You can make a difference in lives of so many children in need and help ease the financial burden and give back to those families providing for them by donating your unsold items.


Heather Lineberger

Call or Text: 863-248-6701

Everyone has the right to feel good about providing well for their families—that’s why we created Just Between Friends. We have helped over 1 million families—just like yours—afford the brands and styles they want, all while saving hundreds of thousands of dollars across North America. At your local sales event, you’ll find all the brands and equipment you need at prices that fit your budget—so you can raise confident, stylish, good-looking kids!

We understand: Everyone wants the BEST for their kids, but we don’t want to break the family budget! That’s where Just Between Friends comes in. At a Just Between Friends event, you can:

SHOP rows and rows of baby and children’s shoes, toys, clothing, maternity, and baby equipment at 50 to 90% off retail
SELL your items as a consignor and earn from 60 to 70% on your item sales
HELP OUT at the sale and make new friends—plus you get a lot of OTHER perks too!

And it’s not just about saving money and making money. It’s about building community—a group of involved, caring friends, families, and neighbors that come together to support one another for these twice-a-year, safe, clean, organized sales events.